How a Corporate Transactional Attorney can Help Even Your Business with Mergers and Acquisitions

How a Corporate Transactional Attorney can Help Even Your Business with Mergers and Acquisitions

MergersIn addition to big hair, arcade video games, and MTV, the 80s was an age of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) on Wall Street. At a time when greed was most assuredly good, even hostile mergers were seen as an acceptable form of corporate expansion.

Although M&As are again in vogue, the age of the corporate raider has long since come and gone. Now, raiders have their own pools of capital that they control.

Any sized business can acquire a competitor, assets or merge with another firm.

Where to Start

Whether your business is considering the acquisition of another company or the divestiture of its own operations, always proceed with caution. A good buy should offer strategic and operational benefits, while a good sale should maximize the value for the business in any economic environment. To accomplish either objective, the deal must make sense.

Get Help

These days there are specialists whose job it is to find the right transaction for their clients, whether they are buying, selling, or merging. A corporate transactional attorney can then counsel clients on the legal and regulatory issues that must be addressed before an agreement can be reached.

More often than not, these deals hinge on a few minor details that must be handled just right to keep both sides happy. If not, the entire arrangement could fall apart. Because these deals often involve change and/or a significant amount of money, it is only logical to hire a trained professional to increase your chances of success.

Don’t Delay

As important as prudence is in the purchase or sale of a business, procrastination can be a deal killer. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or potential partner, the other party won’t wait around forever. By knowing the needs of his clients and planning in advance, an experienced  corporate transactional attorney can expedite the vetting process on any potential deal. This helps ensure that his clients are ready to act when they must, rather than missing a golden opportunity.

Who to Hire?

Because your deal may not involve a multi-billion dollar price tag, you need not involve a mega firm with international clients, Global corporations generally employ experienced attorneys to help them find and close agreements in a timely manner.  A boutique firm has the advantage of offering clients more personal attention and maybe a better fir for a business like yours.

A small firm will always make sure that your deal is getting the attention it deserves.

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